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Mythbusters Quotes

New Mod


...and substitute my own!
Mythbusters Quotes

New Mod

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YYxY - smile
 So...I've just become the new maintainer around here apparently! Hello, whoever is still here!


Alright, I get the idea. Anyhoo, I'm going to class in an hour so I'll poke around with this this evening. I've got some websites with quotes saved (mostly TV.com...) ...gonna have to sift through them for the accurate ones, I'm rather OCD. I figure I'll start with quotes by person, and then start going down the episodes. Eventually I'll figure out how to get them organized, there's probably a way. And you, of course, are welcome and encouraged to submit your own, or make corrections if any of them are wrong. Perhaps there'll be some other interest-generating things...contests or something...feel free to submit ideas.

Also, I think this would be an excellent place for Mythbusters-quote-icons as well. Why not? So if you've got any, add this place as a place for cross-posting! I'll be making some more soon once I get on holiday...I hope.

Kay, that's enough out of me for now. Just wanted to say hello and let you know what's up and in the works. Remember people, I can do a mod-crush now, so y'all better stay in line. v.v
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