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I reject your reality, and substitute my own!

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To enjoy the random and awesome quotes of Mythbusters - nothing more, nothing less.
Hullo all, I'm duelist_gurl163, you can call me Chey. I didn't start this community, but control was passed to me, and enjoying Mythbusters as I do, I decided to keep it.

This community is based on the quotes of Mythbusters, from the amusing to strange to downright hilarious. Everything from conversations and scenes, to Adam's famous "I reject your reality" or Jamie's, "big boom" quotes, to random one-liners that nobody else but you remembers. It's also a place for Mythbusters quote icons or banners, banter, and general Mythbusting fans. Rules are pretty simple and straightforward:

1. Be nice, or at least polite, to everyone.
2. There's no limit on contributions of quotes, but if it's more than two or three, stick 'em under an LJ cut please. Icons of course go under an LJ cut.
3. Let's keep adult language to a minimum.
4. Posts commenting on a particular scene in an episode or something of that sort are fine, (after all, scenes tend to involve quotes!) but if it's purely a question regarding the show, you'd do better to visit mythbusters.
5. Right now there's no organizational system, but if/when one comes into play, try to check around and see if your quote has been posted before. Repeats won't be punished, but keeping them down would be cool.

There's no requirements to be a member, you can feel free to lurk and never post a thing. Nobody's under any demands. The main idea is just to enjoy the Mythbusters and the crazy stuff they come out with.